Busy Fall Season here @ Payne Meadows

Busy Fall Season

The months of August, September, & October have shaped up to be a very busy time for us here @ Payne Meadows with several events taking place.  We have also been busy with various things that seem small and miniscule at the time, but really add up and make a huge difference in your final product.  We have installed air conditioning into several of our rooms in the farmhouse, added to our inventory of wedding items for use, hung more lights outside, added plants and shrubbery and would love to add more!, ran drain lines from our washing machine (my grandmother like most "gone before" us generations let the drain run out the side of the house), lots of mowing and weed-eating, and added gravel to our driveway.  Our handymen also installed a new ramp for better access for those who might need assistance. We are also excited to finally have cable in our farmhouse for our overnight guest to watch that exciting football game or NASCAR race!  Below are just a few of our events that have already taken place this summer/fall with more to come.

HDHS   50th Reunion

The Hiwassee Dam class of 1966 held their 50th high school reunion at Payne Meadows with almost 50 people in attendance.

Football Bash Birthday Party

Ryan & Tyler Payne celebrated with all their friends who took part in a "Football Bash" that took place in the rain.  The kids didn't let a little rain hold them back while the parents stayed dry inside the barn.  A great time was had by all.

I Do Barbecue

Newlyweds Kailyn & Josh celebrated the anticipation of their upcoming wedding with family and friends. 

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