Farmhouse by the Creek

Farmhouse by the Creek

Painting, cleaning, beds, furniture & more...

The past couple of months has seen a ton of improvements taking place to my grandmother's old home.  The home was built in the late 1940's and has seen many layers of paint and linoleum through the years.  Following the passing of my dear grandmother Elva at the ripe ole age of 94, the house sat empty and then was rented out for a period.  

When our last renter moved out, it was time to try something new.  Upon deciding to open Payne Meadows, we wanted the farmhouse to be available too.  Therefore, my parents and I began the task of repairing and sprucing up Nanny's house!


The list of improvements include:  new flooring throughout the house, new windows in the entire house, every room has been brushed and polished with lots of sweat and LOVE.


The farmhouse is available for housing overnight guest of those attending weddings or other events. It is also available for use the day of most events. We have also opened up the farmhouse for rent most weekends of the year whenever an event isn't taking place.


Feel free to browse our photos to see more pictures of nannies house. You can also view our rental listing on or go to:

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